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18th June 2021

Jessica - June 2021

I want to say a huge huge thank you for all you have done, you have been the biggest help since the day after my dad passed away all the way through.  My dads funeral could not have been any better, I would not have changed a thing. One thing I said I really did like is that you were still smiling and joking with us about the weather which just showed you completely understood the ‘no morbid or misery’ aspect of the day. Thank you for sorting everything for me, I wasn’t sure what to expect with planning a funeral but I definitely wasn’t expecting the service I received from Peter Smith and Son. My dad looked perfect, the coffin was perfect and so was the transport. And I am so very grateful for how neat my dads grave is with the grass laid back on top it’s little things like that which make a huge difference. 

Thank you all again. 

Sean Smith
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