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2nd April 2024

Ruth - March 2024

The family and I were so happy with the Woodland funeral for Richard on March 17th. I think in every way it followed what Richard and I had discussed beforehand. It must have been quite a new experience for a lot of people, and I was so glad that it was possible to combine old traditions with a new way of doing things.

You and your colleagues were so sympathetic in following our wishes, and in keeping in the background during the service. It all seemed to follow so well, and helped to set the mood of informality combined with love and respect for Richard.

I was so glad that I discussed having our grandchildren present with you. You were absolutely right, they took it all in their stride. And somehow the parts that I thought might be frightening, simply weren't. 5 year-old Ariadne has been drawing pictures of the flowers, and 5 year-old Jude has been composing eulogies for his grandfather.

So, thank you for guiding us through the funeral. And thank you for keeping an open mind on how it was conducted. That was much appreciated by all the family.

Sean Smith
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